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10 ways lavender oil proves to be a great help for your skin and face

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Below is a list of compilation of Lavender skin care recipes that you can use to treat various skin problems.

# 1. Acne: to keep your skin free of mild acne and other imperfections, add lavender oil to the night oil you use daily. You can even try the beauty recipe by mixing 2 tablespoons of tree tea oil with 4 drops of lavender essential oil and applying it on the affected areas of your face and leaving the pack on your face overnight. The next morning, wash it and, when using this face pack for a couple of weeks, you will notice the difference.

# 2. Bee Sting: Lavender essential oil reduces the painful inflammation and itching caused by a bee sting. You can apply a diluted portion of the oil to the wound directly. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, you can mix the oil with coconut oil for a soothing effect on the skin.

# 3. Eczema: is a skin problem characterized by inflamed, dry, itchy and uneven skin caused by the accumulation of yeast or bacteria. To treat this problem, make a formulation with shea butter, vitamin E lotion and 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil.

# 4. SunBurn: Get rid of the scaly, stained and dry skin caused by sunburns by applying a beauty formulation of 5 teaspoons of aloe vera gel with 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Continue this beauty treatment until your skin improves.

# 5. Wound on the skin: lavender essential oil works wonders on cuts and wounds. Not only cleans wounds effectively but also reduces pain, inflammation and bleeding. You can use the oil in diluted form as a disinfectant and to promote scarring without scars.

# 6. Facial mist: prepare a facial mist by adding lavender oil to pure distilled water. You can even use a lavender hydrosol. The recommended proportion is to add 20 drops of the essential oil to distilled water of approximately 2 ounces. Store the prepared mist in the tinted bottle.

# 7. Skin rash: by the anti-inflammatory property of lavender oil, it can be used ideally to treat itchy skin. Make a soothing lotion by adding a few drops of oil to a carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil or olive oil two or three times a day for best results.

# 8. Toner: Lavender oil helps increase blood circulation and promotes cell regeneration and tissue repair. You can prepare a homemade toner with water and lavender by boiling around 100 ml of water with lavender buds. After preparing the mixture for a while, drain and refrigerate. Apply this mixture on your skin as a toner with the help of a cotton pad.

# 9. Bug Repellent: Keep insects at bay with a homemade insect repellent of lavender. Prepare the spray by adding 30 to 40 drops of the essential oil to 1.5 ounces of pure distilled water.

# 10. Cuts: apply a mixture of lavender essential oil and coconut oil in the ratio of 1: 5 to soften the cut and to promote healing.

Therefore, the importance of natural essential oil such as lavender oil cannot be undermined. It helps to treat a variety of skin problems and keeps it supple and radiant.

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